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B-12 Speedy Melts from bariatric advantage calcium citrate lozenges w/vitamin d from bariatric advantage chewy bite 500 mg from bariatric advantage
B-12 Speedy Melts from Bariatric Advanatage, meets the vitamin B-12 needs of individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery. Calcium Citrate Lozenges from Bariaitric Advantage meets calcium replacement needs supplies needed for healthy bones and teeth. Chewy Bites from Bariatric Advantage now come in 500 mg of chewable calcium citrate with vitamin D in soft delicious chews.
chewy bites calcium citrate from bariatric advantage floravantage chewable probiotic from bariatric advanatage chewable iron  from bariatric advantage
Chewy Bites 60 soft chews
Our Price: $13.95
Chewy Bites from Bariatric Advantage delivers 250 mg of elemental calcium as calcium citrate and tastes like desert. FloraVantage from Bariatric Advanatege plays a role in digestion and regularity and also help to reduce gas and bloating commonly experienced after bariatric surgery.

Chewable Iron from Bariatric Advantagecomes in 18 mg, 29mg and 60 mg servings and are formulated with Vitamin C for maximum absorption
iron chewy bites 30 mg with vitamin c from bariatric advantage liquid vitamin d-3 with 10,000 iu per serving from bariatric advantage Omega-3 Chewy Bites from Bariatric Advantage
Iron Chewy Bites from Bariatric Advantage comes in Chocolate-Raspberry Truffle flavor. Each decadent soft chew gives you 30mg of elemental iron and 60mg of vitamin C to support absorption. Liquid Vitamin D-3 from Bariatric Advantage provide 10,000 iu of Vitamin D-3 and supports bone health. Omega-3 Chewy Bites from Bariatric Advantage provides 160mg of EPA and DHA and supports optimal essential fatty acid intake.