Total Cleanse Colon 60 caps
total cleanse colon from solaray

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Total Cleanse Colon from Solaray

To Assist the Body's Colon Cleansing Process

Total Cleanse Colon by Solaray uses traditional cleansing herbs including cascara and senna to naturally and safely cleanse the colon. Total Cleanse Colon also contains natural soothers.

Being much milder in its laxative action than the herb buckthorn, Cascara Sagrada became popular in Europe as a treatment for constipation. Cascara bark is high in hydroxyanthraquinone glycosides called cascarosides. Resins, tannins, and lipids make up the bulk of the other bark ingredients. Cascarosides have a cathartic action, inducing the large intestine to increase its muscular contraction (peristalsis), resulting in bowel movement.

Senna contains anthraquinone glycosides known as sennosides. These molecules are converted by the normal bacteria in the colon into rhein-anthrone, which in turn has two effects. It first stimulates colon activity and thus speeds bowel movements. Second, it increases fluid secretion by the colon. Together, these actions work to get a sluggish colon functional again.

Slippery Elm was also used internally for everything from sore throats to diarrhea. The mucilage of slippery elm gives it the soothing effect for which it is known.

The constituents that cause the cathartic laxative effects of aloe latex are known as anthraquinone glycosides. These molecules are split by the normal bacteria in the large intestines to form other molecules (aglycones), which exert the laxative action.

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