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Bariatric Vitamins

Bariatric Vitamins are very necessary to use after you have had Gastric Bypass Surgery. Following surgery you won't be able to absorb vitamins and nutrients from food in the same manner a prior to surgery. Our selection of Bariatric Vitamins come from the two leading manufacturers in the field, Bariatric Advantage and Celebrate Vitamins. They all come in either chewable or sublingual to insure that you get the optimal absorption of your multivitamins, calcium citrate and vitamin B12.
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vitamin b-12 sublingual lozenges from solaray B-12 Speedy Melts from bariatric advantage b-12 sublingual from celebrate
B-12 (SOL) 90 lozenges
Our Price: $13.00
Vitamin B-12 from Solaray helps support healthy heart function and is ideal for bariatric patients B-12 Speedy Melts from Bariatric Advanatage, meets the vitamin B-12 needs of individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery. B-12 Sublingual from Celebrate delivers 1000 mcg of vitamin B-12 to ensure that you are receiving proper levels of this critical vitamin.
B12 energy plus topical patch from patchmd biotin 5000 mcg lozenges from solaray calcium citrate soft chews from celebrate vitamins
Biotin 5000 mcg (SOL) 60 Lozenges
List Price: $17.99
Our Price: $13.99
B12 Energy Plus Patch from PatchMD helps to boost your energy levels and helps to keep your nervous system healthy using a time released delivery system. Biotin 5000 mcg from Solaray provides nutritive support for healthy hair and fingernails. Calcium Citrate Soft Chews from Celebrate Vitamins are smooth and creamy and have 500 mg of Calcium Citrate and 500 IU of Vitamin D3.
calcium citrate lozenges w/vitamin d from bariatric advantage calcium plus 500 chewable tablets from celebrate chewy bite 500 mg from bariatric advantage
Calcium Citrate Lozenges from Bariaitric Advantage meets calcium replacement needs supplies needed for healthy bones and teeth. Calcium PLUS 500 from Celebrate is a great tasting calcium citrate with a smooth texture (no grit). Take just 3 per day to meet your daily required intake. Chewy Bites from Bariatric Advantage now come in 500 mg of chewable calcium citrate with vitamin D in soft delicious chews.
iron + c 60 mgs from celebrate vitamins liquid vitamin d-3 from now multi-complete chewable vitamin with iron from celebrate vitamins
Iron+ C 60 mg (CEL) Berry
Our Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $10.50
Liquid Vitamin D-3 (NOW) 2 fl. oz.
List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $5.99
Iron+ C 60 mgs from Celebrate Vitamins is a great tasting formulation to help prevent iron deficiencies, a common side effect after bariatric surgery. Liquid Vitamin D-3 from NOW - 400 IU per serving to support strong healthy bones Multi-Complete Chewable w/Iron from Celebrate Vitamins is designed for Sleeve Gastrectomy patients and provides 36 mgs of Iron daily.
multivitamin capsuels from celebrate bariatric chewable multivitamins 90 day supply from celebrate multivitamin patch plus from patchmd
Multivitamin Capsules from Celebrate are perfect for Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy patients.
Celebrate Multivitamin - 3 month supply provides the most thorough blend of vitamins and minerals available in a great tasting chewable. MultiVitamin Plus Patch from PatchMD delivers a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals which is absorbed using your skin as the delivery system.
omega-3 plus topical patches from patchmd vitamin d3 quick-melts from celebrate vitamins vitamin d3 / calcium patch from patchmd
Omega-3 Plus Patch from PatchMD is a fairly simple way to get your Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) everyday using these topical patches. Vitamin D3 Quick-melts from Celebrate Vitamins is an important bariatric supplement to take following surgery to prevent vitamin d deficiencies. Vitamin D3 / Calcium Patch from PatchMD is a time released topical patch that uses your skin to absorb and transport the nutrients throughout your body.
vitamin d3 topical patch from patchmd
Vitamin D3 Patch from PatchMD is an important vitamin to take because it promotes a healthy heart, immune system and overall well-being.