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Creatine supplementation can increase strength, power, and lean muscle mass, and is one of the most popular sport supplements ever produced. It is naturally in your body from the amino acids methionine, arginine and glycine. Eating 2.5 lbs of steak with provide you with 4.5 grams of creatine. Creatine is an energy source. When you train you utilize your body's first source of energy which is ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) When the ATP has been burned off your body relies on your next energy source which is creatine phosphate. The problem is that your body can not reproduce either energy source fast enough during your workout. You start to fatigue and don't get that full muscle contraction necessary to get a great workout. The creatine benefit helps build up your body's stores of creatine providing you with a full muscle contraction through your workout allowing to get that extra rep or two, or stepping up to an extra set using heavier weights. 
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musclepharm creatine monohydrate creatine 2500 caps from optimum nutrition creatine mirconized from dymatize
Creatine (MP) 300 g
List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $21.99
Creatine 2500 (OPT) 200 caps
List Price: $33.55
Our Price: $20.10
Creatine Micronized
Our Price: $12.99
MusclePharm's pharmaceutical grade Creatine Monohydrate provides your muscles with intensity, power, endurance and energy for strength and lean muscle mass gains.
Creatine 2500 caps from Optimum Nutrition is for anyone who is ready to have more energy, build more muscle faster, and have greater endurance is looking for creatine. Creatine Micronized from Dymatize is a clinically proven muscle hydrator, cell volumizer and ATP activator to improves your muscles' performance
during high intensity activities.
kre-alkalyn efx ph correct creatine from all american efx
Kre-Alkalyn EFX from All American EFX is a pH correct creatine without any loading, bloating or cycling.