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Protein Bars

All protein bars share one valuable characteristic - convenience. Bars are a quick, easy substitute for a light meal or snack. Convenience and compactness are especially important for athletes who train or compete for several hours and need to eat. Some bars provide almost all of their calories from carbohydrates, which is useful for endurance athletes who want to add carbs to their diet to replenish depleted energy stores. Other bars are more balanced in nutrient make-up and tend to have much higher levels of protein and fat. When looking for a low carb bar be sure to check the label for " Net Carbs".
Try Quest Bars, Pure Protein Bars, and ProMax Crunch Bars.
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chocolate dream bar from protidiet crispy bars from balanced protein diet crispy protein bars from healthy diet
Chocolate Dream Bar 7/box
Our Price: $13.00
Crispy Bars (BPD) 7 / box
Our Price: $13.00
Crispy Bars (HD) 7/box
Our Price: $13.00
Chocolate Dream Bar from ProtiDiet is so delicious you'll think you're eating a Nestle Crunch Bar, but without the calories and sugar.
Crispy Bars from Balanced Protein Diet. These delicious bars can be used by bariatiric patients as a protein source and nutritious snack. Crispy Bars from Healthy Diet  are perfect to use a snack, meal replacement or as part of a calorie controlled weight loss program.
high protein bars from protidiet oh yeah! one bar - high protein very low carb bar power crunch bars from bionutritional
Oh Yeah! One Bar 12/box
Our Price: $27.00
Power Crunch Bars 12/box
List Price: $29.88
Our Price: $17.95
High Protein Bars from ProtiDiet have 15 grams of protein per bar. Use as a snack, a meal replacement or as part of a diet plan. The Oh Yeah! One Bar is filled with 22 grams of a high quality protein blend of Whey Protein and Milk Protein Isolates and is very low in carbs. Power Crunch Bars from BioNutritional, the perfect protein energy snack wafer bar tastes just like a real cookie.
promax bars from promax nutrition protein bars from healthy diet proti-lean low calorie protein bars
Pro Max Bars
List Price: $26.40
Our Price: $17.25
Great tasting Promax Bars from Promax are loaded with 20 grams of high quality Protein more than most energy bars. Protein Bars from Healthy Diet have a 15 grams of protein in each and 7 servings per box. Proti-Lean Protein Bars make a great between meal snack and provide you with 15 grams of protein and under 170 calories in each serving.
proti-lean protein wafer squares proti-vlc (very low carbohydrates) bars from proti-lean
Proti-VLC Bars 7/box
Our Price: $13.00
Protein Wafer Squares from Proti-Lean are a great snack to have, whether you're on a diet or just want something that's satisfying, nutritious and delicious. Proti-VLC Bars from Proti-Lean are gluten free very low carb protein bars with 15 grams of protein and only 160 calories in each high protein diet bar.